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Rachael Ray and HP

To demonstrate the capabilities of the HP Photosmart eStation, Rachael Ray challenged Improv Gourmet, Wes Martin. For the segment, five of Rachael's "kind viewers" were dispatched to grocery stores where they emailed pictures of random ingredients directly from their phones to the HP Photosmart eStation printer on set at the Rachael Ray Show. Martin created a fantastic meal using the ingredients and HP showcased the printer's speed, picture quality, and email functionality.

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Syndication's Short Pod Advantage

Commercials in short breaks are more likely to be recalled, and Syndication's short pod advantage is clear. According to the 2010/11 SNTA member survey, Syndication's breaks are only 2:24 in length for national advertisers, with even shorter national exclusive breaks at 1:35 in length. Syndication outperforms total network prime and network prime sitcoms, and even has 60 second breaks in 20 popular shows.

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