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Fast Facts
The Association
The Syndicated Network Television Association (SNTA) represents television program syndicators, whose programs air nationwide. The mission of the SNTA is to communicate the benefits of syndication to advertisers and agency media planners and buyers. Our shows include some of the most recognizable names in television. And now, over half of our regularly-scheduled program hours are first-run. They include entertainment news shows like Entertainment Tonight and Access Hollywood, talk shows like The Ellen DeGeneres Show, LIVE! with Kelly and Dr. Phil, courtroom shows like Judge Judy and The People's Court, and game shows such as Jeopardy! and Millionaire. Our off-network programs include sitcoms like The Big Bang Theory, Family Guy and How I Met Your Mother as well as provocative dramas such as Criminal Minds, Grey’s Anatomy and House.

Our Mission
The mission of the SNTA is to communicate to advertisers, their agencies and media planners and buyers the benefits of Syndication, from the wide range of programming choices to their high ratings and national reach, and the reliability and cost effectiveness of advertising in syndicated programming.

We are committed to make information on Syndication readily available to the advertising community, and to demonstrate that it is an attractive and sensible component of the national TV buy for major advertisers.

The Syndicated Network TV Market
Syndicated television represents a $4.2 billion advertising marketplace, with more than 130 weekly shows and dozens of specials and movie packages. Syndication airs more hours of programming each week than the six traditional networks combined.

SNTA Members
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Syndication: Shorter Pods & More A/B Positions

Syndication's national breaks are shorter than both network prime and cable, making our commercials more likely to be recalled by consumers.

According to the 2012 SNTA Member Survey, Syndication also has a higher percentage of "first minute" positions; valued by marketers looking to get their commercials seen "Live" and in Playback. For those looking to really stand out, Syndication has :60 breaks in many popular shows.

To learn more about how your brands can benefit from Syndication's short pod advantage and first-minute leadership, Click here to view the entire presentation.


Healthy Lifestyle

Americans invest in staying healthy, spending $66 Billion on weight loss and nearly $30 Billion on vitamins and supplements. For marketers looking to reach health conscious adults, Syndication delivers viewers who read food labels, purchase vitamins & supplements, invest in self-improvement books & video, and technology opinion leaders who use their devices for better health.

The SNTA's 2013 Healthy Living report looks at how Syndication's viewers make healthy choices when dining out and how mom viewers are buying organic food for their families.

Click here to download the entire Healthy Living presentation.


Engaging Women

Syndicated Television is the smart choice for marketers looking to deliver female targets with top rated progams all week long. For marketers interested in strong weekend sales, Syndication dominates the ratings on Fridays.

Viewers form deep connections with syndication's hosts whose programs engender both "trust" and "influence". As half of women now have DVR's, Syndicated Television continues to provide DVR-proof performance. With multiplatform integrations and new messaging formats, marketers are engaging viewers in and beyond the program, further extending these connections.

Click here to view the presentation detail and learn more about how syndication's programming engages women daily.