Syndication: For a Healthy Lifestyle
Americans invest in staying healthy, spending $66 Billion on diet products and over $26 Billion on fitness. Syndication reaches health conscious adults who purchase vitamins & supplements, frequent restaurants that offer healthy alternatives, and invest in self improvement books and video.

In line with recent trends, the 2014 report shows that syndication’s viewers are health conscious technology opinion leaders as well as more likely to buy organic food for their family.

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Syndicated Television:
Fashion Conscious Viewers
Awards season kicks off a lucrative spring for retailers. Shoppers, influenced by red carpet fashion, flock to the stores in search of Oscar-inspired styles.

Syndication delivers influential viewers who keep up with the latest clothing trends. Marketers looking for deep connections via multiplatform integrations incorporate their brand messages directly into our entertainment news and talk shows, bringing the red carpet directly to the viewer.

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Syndication: Shorter Pods & More A/B Positions
The results of the 2013-2014 SNTA Member Survey are in and Syndication has national television’s shortest breaks and the most “first minute” positions.

With exclusive national pods and :60 opportunities with no premium, Syndication is formatted for higher recall. Marketers looking for better delivery in DVR households turn to Syndication for more “live” viewership and higher commercial playback.

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Syndication in December: A Holiday Gift to Marketers
The holiday season is the biggest shopping event of the year, with sales expected to reach $602 billion according to the NRF. With fewer shopping days, one less weekend this year, and modest forecasts (at best), the month of December becomes an even more important battleground for marketers to communicate their messages.

Syndication delivers all December long, effectively reaching online shoppers, gift card buyers, and the people who purchase the latest gadgets. With an average of 4 of the top 10 shows each day, and leadership ratings performance leading into each shopping weekend, Syndication is the perfect gift for marketers this December.

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Syndication Dominates Summer 2013
Syndication was hard at work this summer.

Syndication dominated network and cable, averaging more top rated shows each weekday. Syndication's summer average led all of broadcast and cable prime, with 7 of the top 10 telecasts for A18-49 and 9 of the top 10 telecasts for A18-34.

Syndication’s sitcoms, including The Big Bang Theory, Family Guy, How I Met Your Mother, and Two and a Half Men shine all summer long, outperforming their counterparts on the networks.

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Summer 2013: Back to School with Syndication
Back-to-School and Off to College spending represent the second largest shopping event behind the winter holidays, according to the NRF. Back-to-School sales are projected to reach $27 billion this year, with an average of over $600 per student.

With more Top 10 shows during the week than any network and consistent ratings across the summer, Syndication is the leader in delivering moms. Syndication delivers marketing messages to moms who make important Back-to-School purchases both in-store as well as on-line.

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Off To College With Syndication: Summer 2013
Off to College is big business with over $46 Billion in retail sales and over $800 spent per student. Together with Back-to-School spending, it is the second largest shopping event behind the winter holidays, according to the NRF.

Syndication reaches college aged young adults (and their parents!) with 7 of the top 10 rated national programs each weekday and consistently high ratings. Syndication also reaches influential parents with 9 higher rated shows than Network Prime.

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Advantage Syndication
With engaging, top-rated, young-skewing shows, Syndication is a strong performer for marketers looking to improve their delivery and commercial recall all year long.

Syndication has shorter commercial breaks than network and cable. In DVR households, syndication is watched "Live" and has higher commercial playback making it a better communications environment for valuable advertiser messages.

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